Fashion Trends

Alexander McQueen

Trends are really what the fashion world go round- a new trend catches on, designers make their own versions, the public buys these products, the trend fades and a new trend emerges. It is a cycle that generates money for the fashion world and involves the common public in this glamourous industry.

What fascinates me about trends is the fact that important people in the industry, actors, designers, models, are the ones that determine and set trends to say “this is what looks good right now, I would know”. The public feeds off what society tells them looks good, or is trendy or fashionable at the time. Trends from bell bottom jeans to wearing actual raw meat as a dress show the uniqueness of fashion and that there are no limits as to what is considered trendy.

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The Devil Wears Prada

Andy in The Devil Wears Prada

Here is a quote from a favourite movie of mine called The Devil Wears Prada. It is very telling of how fashion effects everyone- even people who don’t think they have a sense of fashion they do. It says how even someone who puts on an ugly sweater is making a conscious fashion decision because that is how one is choosing to portray they’re style to the rest of the world. It is quite insightful…but I’ll let the quote speak for itself…


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It’s always been present

Fashion has be around since the begining of the human race. The definition of fahsion, according to, is a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette or socializing. The presence, awareness, and preferences of dress in everyday life, whether it was a cave man selecting which pelt to wear on a cooler day, a child living in mid-evil times choosing their favourite coloured garment, or a fashion designer in todays world selecting fabric for their newest pieces, a particular preference of how one would like to physically portray themselves has always been present. This shows that fashion is a long lasting factor in society. Fashion can effect the economy of a country or the whole world. It can sway politics, serve as an art form and can effect someones personal life. Needless to say, fashion is arguably one of the biggest factors that effects and that can be effected by society. It has always been present and will always be present for as long as the human races exists.

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Hello world!

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